How to pay

Pay with Western Union

If you are not familiar with sending money thru Western Union, click here for help.

Western Union is a kind of Money Order but faster.

You -» Western Union -» Receiver: You pay to your local Western Union and the receiver will pick up money at another Western Union office in another city or country, within 5 minutes.

The transaction is very fast and secure. You can pay with your credit card/debit card/bank transfer online on Western Union website. Or you can go in person to a nearby Western Union office to send money in cash to the receiver. Western Union has its own good customer service so you can call them to their toll free number to get help on sending money.

The Western Union website is

Visit their website and click "contact menu" on their site to find their phone support number.

Click "Find agent" menu on their website to find a Western Union office to send money in cash.

If you send money online, you may need to sign up for an account with their website.

You should write down the receiver's name and address and send money to the exact info as you see in the payment instruction. If you have typo on her name, she cannot pick up money. Send us an email once you paid to let us know the MTCN, we will generate and send you the download link for the version you purchased.

Notice: If your Western Union agent needs the receiver's address, then please provide the info. Otherwise, just ignore that info. Dont talk about any hacking program when sending payment, or they will not allow you to pay. You know, hacking is illegal in many countries. It's better that you should say that you are sending money to your sister or friend.

Attention: Because hacking is illegal in US, we have to hire this 3rd party person to receive money. She will then send money back to our company in US. She does not know anything about the hacking software. So do not include any message about hacking with your payment thru Western Union system.

Pay with Money Gram

You can pay with Money Gram to the person mentionned in the payment instruction, then give us the Ref number issued by Money Gram, along with your name and country.

We will send you the download link within 24 hours.

Pay with bank transfer

If you are unable to pay with Western Union or Money Gram, you may contact us to pay with bank wire. This is a limited payment method, so please send us an email to get our bank info.

30 day Money Back Guarantee