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Silver Version

Price: $250 USD

Click to Buy - Only $250 USD

Silver Version allows you to hack up to 3 passwords per function. It means in effect that you can hack 3 email passwords, 3 messenger instant chat passwords (and view the chat log, chat conversation, chat archives,...), and 3 Facebook or MySpace passwords. This version is ideal for people who needs to verify the virtual life of their spouse, in case their partner has more than 1 online account. You can hack the password within several minutes and get the working password instantly. The account's owner won't know about the hacking process and doesn't really realize what is happening once you login and change the password. Crazy, right ?!

We offer 30 day Money Back Guarantee so just contact us if you are not satisfied with the software and we will send refund without any single question.

The preferred payment method: Western Union.

You can pay with your credit card online on Western Union or Money Gram website. We DO NOT take credit card info directly. Because we are hackers, we think that it's better to avoid all problems with your sensitive info by NOT accepting directly your credit card.

Notice: We don't hack any account password to prove that the software works. You may try the Free Trial Version or watch the video demo to see how the software works and how we use the software to hack Facebook and hack Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Skype... passwords.

We dont provide the hacking service. If you insist, we charge $300 per password, even it's to hack your own password. accepts:

We accept Western Union, Money Gram and you can pay with your credit card / debit card online on those services websites

30 day Money Back Guarantee