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1) Question:

What does exactly offer? Do you offer a password retrieval service or the software enabling me to do it on my own?


This is one of the most frequent questions we are being asked. What offers is software solutions (see "Software Pricing" on the left menu) that enable our clients to retrieve and recover login credentials from a multitude of services and providers ranging from e-mail services and online games. You can hack Facebook password, hack Hotmail password, hack Yahoo password, hack Skype password, hack AOL password, hack MSN Messenger, hack any email password... To get more info, please click here.

2) Question:

How will I receive the software?


All hacking software versions (except the Trial Version) are available for our clients to download immediately upon payment. A download link will be generated and provided via email; also you might ask for a backup CD copy for free. The CD is free, but you may need to pay the delivery fees. International Delivery always takes about 4 to 12 business day on average.

3) Question:

How to pay you?


We prefer payment with Western Union or Money Gram in case Western Union service is available in your country. If you want to pay with your Credit card / Debit card, you can go to Western Union or Money Gram website to pay. They offer also the online payment too, including credit card, debit card, bank account,...

You can also pay with money in cash at a nearest Western Union (Money Gram) office (in supermarket, store, kios,...) - just go to their website to find a nearby Western Union (Money Gram) agent and go in person to that agent office to pay. To check whether you come from the Western Union supported countries or not, please go to and

In order to get the payment instruction to pay with Western Union or Money Gram, you have to submit the order first, then you will get the receiver's name and address to send payment. Once you make payment, let us know the payment info by clicking the link called "Send Payment Info" on the left-hand menu and we will generate the download link for the software version you purchased.

If you cannot pay with both Western Union and Money Gram in your country, please contact us, we will arrange an appropriate method.

Currently, we are not accepting payment with Paypal because of the high rate of fraud.

4) Question:

I come from the United States. Can I purchase your software?


Yes, absolutely, you can. This question pops up quite frequently; you can buy our hacking software without your geographic location consideration. Even if your country is seriously strict for the hacking act, you can buy our software.

5) Question:

Do you provide any operational warranty for the software functionality?


We have participated in the field of Information Technology for more than a decade and we just know one constant that the constant change. Feel free that we offer our customers free lifetime guaranteed updates. You will get refund immediately if you are not satisfied with the software or for any reason. Without hassle!

6) Question:

Who is behind


We're an international security company which is a group of dedicated software engineers and experts with experience in the field of password retrieval technology, cryptography and neural networks. is our attempt to capitalize on our multiyear experience in the field of password retrieval, a market niche in which supply is tight. We are the first service making password retrieval technology available to the wide non-computer expert public in an easy to use format and in an extremely affordable price.

If you have any question relevant to our products and services, please feel free to contact us. You will find our contact details on the contact us page.

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Hack Facebook account with APR Hacking Software

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Hack Facebook account with APR Hacking Software

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Hack Facebook account with APR Hacking Software

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Hack Facebook account with APR Hacking Software accepts:

We accept Western Union, Money Gram and you can pay with your credit card / debit card online on those services websites